Why “mindsycle”?
Because no matter where you are or what you do, your mind is used as a popsicle. At times you try to break it but there’s always more of it. It’s delicious and provides a lot of entertainment for a wider audience.

Who are you?
I am a psych graduate who’s trying to develop decent skills and make it in HR. Some days I have to make compromises with what I was taught, at times I have no faith in humanity and you have to admit some hours are just weird.

What should I expect?
A lot of questions, arguments and seemingly abstract ideas that you can like, comment on or ignore.

This doesn’t look professional…
Yes, I agree. After spending some time trying to paint the big picture and tie all loose ends I came to the conclusion that this place will have to evolve in front of your eyes and no matter what I do this process cannot be hidden. Presenting you with “objective” information is simply not suited to my short-term goals here. As we move it along and relying on your advice as well, I will migrate to a more tidy format.

Why are you doing this?
Because I cannot function and develop without asking most of these questions. Information streams around us all are so rich in content and stimuli that I feel the need to interact. Call it a personal experiment, call it vanity or something else… it’s up to you. I am counting on you to let me know though!

Give me a starting point for interpreting this!
Ok, let’s give it a try. A friend of mine shared a name with me once and it stuck – Alan Watts. Although I consider him a part of an esoteric pop-culture movement, I cannot deny that at times he has it spot on! See here ->

Alan Watts on the value of the psychotic experience

Just before 18:00 -> “… Where are you?…..” I can write here what I think and believe to be true, but what you feel and think when you hear this is your starting point.


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